Thursday, March 26, 2015

Chapter #3 - Ancient.

The adventure continues on as we set 
off 2 church for some worship & H.S 
(that's holy spirit for short...he, he, he.) 
Witnessing prayer on a level such as this allows me 
2 re-evaluate my personal position. 
Oh yes it does!

While there, myself along with John 
& Danielle was finally baptized in a lake. 
Yes a lake. (lol)
(No way possible I could make this up.)

Ancient. from The Weddington Adventures. on Vimeo.
Now that was surely something of the totally unexpected 
but then again, I'll take it.

The team was supportive & made me feel so much more at ease during this life changing process. 
God is a great God that's for sure;)
Hmm...I wonder what else is in store on this amazing journey.....

Guess we shall see....

Peace!...with 2 fingers;)

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