Thursday, June 20, 2019


Recently took a trip to alma mata Columbia College 2 speak 
with aspiring students looking for a break in film & video. 

Not that I'm accomplished myself but seems 
like I have a niche that's pretty sweet.

The ability 2 share a story through video with others have been throughly fulfilling primarily due 2 the fact that once I leave this place called earth... 
in a special way, still I live. 

Throughout this process from the very beginning, 
it's been one of personal growth with 
the assurance knowing it's not all about me 
but rather sharing with those loved most.

 It just makes it all so much nicer. 

If it wasn't for Lady Tammy, this would've been a 
complete blur....
so for that & so much more....
thank you;) 

Now I can fervently say that this could really be the 
START of something good. 


Peace!....with 2 fingers;)

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Photographer's Rant: C'mon, Take a Pic.

Time for another visual tour through 
the streets of Portland. 
Shamefully I've been absent from the camera so 
felt a need for a photographer's rant.

I could've very easily blamed weather conditions, 
working the gig or Scooter peeing on my 
homework...but I'm not. 
Just need a little motivation from time 2 time. 
Nothing wrong with that.
When you have the passion for the capture & create, 
nothing gets in the way.
It's just a matter of time.
Anyhoot, took a trip on over the the 
lighthouse for that money shot. 
I've heard great things about this spot 
& needed 2 see for myself. 
Afterwards headed over through the 
main vein of Portland. 
Congress Street.
This is where you can appreciate living in a small town over a major city.
The structures are more honest & simple 
& gives my photography
 a little extra room 2 breath.
It's the simple point & shoot that makes
every photo amazing 
in its own way.
Not knowing the end result until it slaps you 
in the face is what makes this 
fancy so enjoyable. 

Everyone is a photographer 
for it's all about the perspective man...

So go on ahead.... 
Take a picture.


Peace!...with 2 fingers;)