Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Photographer's Rant.

Out & about in Portland with Lady Tammy for some random eats. 
Here's another chance 2 pull out the trusty Canon for some P-Town love. 

One of the cool things I admire about Portland is it's old school vibe. 

"Why rebuild anything if it isn't broken" is definitely the motto here.
Strange as it may seem, I've often made a personal reminder 2 at some point revisit this one particular corner 
(the tech port building) with the 2 street split. we are

Oh yeah, I'm always looking' 2 capture things most folk would hardly ever notice. That's the greatest attribute of an amazing photographer.
(in case you're wondering , it's a residential

Ok, ok. It's about time 2 turn in for the day & get back to my NBA Tv but one more shot for the road. 

Hmmm...this looks interesting. 

An outdated ventilation system...
or maybe a heater? 
(Whatever the case, I dig it.)

This is how my photography escapades usually go...Grab the camera, shoot something, shoot anything, shoot everything. 
(that has a sweet ring 2 it...hmmmm). 
Something special always have the tendency 2 rise from the ashes...

Who is this all for you may ask? 
That's right!

Peace!...with 2 fingers;)

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