Sunday, January 24, 2016

Family Tymes.

Finally, finally had the chance 2 
meet up with younger brother Ken 
& family for some convo, beer & cheers.

It's been several years since last getting together 
so this was pretty special 2 say the least.

This place has brought countless 
memories of backyard barbecues & simply enjoying each other's company in our own strange sometimes unusual way.

...wouldn't spend my 45th 
birthday any other way...
that's right...45;)

Anywho, lil' Ken appeared mighty 
excited about his upcoming journey away 
2 college. 

(enjoy the microwave, you'll definitely put it 2 use.)

As for niece Kayla, I was 
totally impressed with her
amazing knack for 
(Just keep at it....)

I even had the privilege 2 see 
older niece Roshunda who just 
so happened 2 stop by. 

Now how often does that happen? 
Hardly ever...

Ken & Danielle, 
thanks again for everything. 

You guys are amazing!;)
Well I guess it's time 2 pull 
out the trusty Canon cause 
there's no way I'm gonna 
miss this.

It's all about family.
My family.

That's right!

Peace!...with 2 fingers;)

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