Sunday, August 16, 2015

Swampscott 1629.

Off on another trip 2 for Boston, Mass for 
some sights, sounds & another tattoo..

Ok...let's start off with some eats @ a sit in.
After a hour scoutin' out the spot, finding a 
place 2 park seemed somewhat challenging.

Hmmm...i noticed more Dunkin Doughnuts 
spots out here than anything else.
We all can appreciate a cappuccino 
every now & then but dayum really? 

One thing I miss about Chicago is the 
amazing variation of dishes. 
Gyro w/ X-tra meat from the local corner spot..
downtown Giadano's deep dish..
or even the Yuen's Chinese Kitchen joint in Rogers Park.
Found this spot called Swampscott, Mass 
while gazing through the hills.
There's a plenty of amazing history here for sure...
the New World 
 Revolutionary War, 
Boston Tea party, etc.
It's History class on steroids man!
( matter how inaccurate it may be;/

Anyways, gotta come back with the trusty Canon 
for that infamous Freedom Trail which takes 
you through the entire experience. 

Hmm...that's an idea.

Great times.

Peace!...with 2 fingers;) 

Come take a look!;)

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