Monday, March 4, 2013


Finally got sorta a grip on the newest of situations. 
It's not everyday that you make such huge life changing decisions where what lies ahead is uncertainty.  

I have 2 admit that this is pretty exciting though... 
Rebuilding from the ground up & starting with a 
fresh clean start....again. 

After lookin' @ everything with wide angled lenses, 
I've come 2 realize that fear could be your very worst enemy. 
Is it fear of rejection? 
or maybe just scared?...
Oh that would be fear....

Whatever the case, 
it's certainly worth the risk.

Personally, this past week has been mighty challenging 
while facing & conquering fears I never thought I could. 
Now that I have, surprisingly I want more cause being 
told "no" isn't as bad as it seems. 

It's similar 2 that "Rocky" character where all seems lost but with a tad bit of courage, 
all is well....
Ok, ok...enough of the sappiness.

Been here in P-town 
(that's my little twist for Portland), 
for nearly 3 weeks & after a few spins around town, I've come 2 realize that this is 
certainly an artist hub. 

Now mind you, I've never really associated Portland as being part of the creative scene - 
(but boy was I wrong.) 

Guess there's room for another 
brand in town.....
(**clear throat)
...that'll be us if you're wondering.

Seems like we're traveling aimlessly in the twilight zone....
especially since just leaving those 
backwoods of Georgia....

Now it 's time 2 move forward & look @ all this in a 
much different "LIGHT".
Oh yeah....

Peace!...with 2 fingers;)

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