Monday, February 18, 2013

Me. Eats #1 - Gilbert's Chowder House.

Since choosing 2 make the move back 2 South Portland where there's a slew of funktified restaraunts on hand for any desired taste, we decided 2 make a food section on this whole 
Peace!...with 2 fingers thing. 

We like 2 call it Me. EATS...(get it?)
Me. is Maine & of course the EATS is exactly 
what it 

Though not professional foodies, we eat out just enough 2 at least share our experience from a simple grass roots perspective....

Ok then...first stop: Gilbert's Chowder House....Woohooo!

What a better way 2 stay warm in the middle of winter with some Fish Chowder for
D &  Clam Chowder for T. 
We started out out with fried Maine shrimp in a red basket with a variation of sauces. 
As for the Chowder, it came in a bread bowl. 
A bread bowl?...Yep!

Oh yeah....that was the ultimate choice & couldn't have been more satisfied. 
The atmosphere was simple & down 2 earth with nothing exceptionally fancy & everything served on paper plates / plastic cups. 
That appeared 2 be it's theme & worked out pretty well...especially the boat dock out back. 
(I think that's what it was.)

The loose environment & overall experience was exceptional. 
The service was good & deserved my 20% tip plus a bit extra...
(Lady Tammy is heavy on the whole tipping thing but that's a whole different verdict...4 fingers outta 5.

Ok then...that was fun. Let's see...what's next...

Peace!....with 2 fingers;)


  1. Ohhhh.....the collage is WONDERFUL in black and white.
    And the review is a grand idea. Yaknow, it's those little places that know how to make the best foods! I'm impressed with the breadbowl, frankly. (mostly cuz I can't have it and it sounds WONDERFUL!....darnit! LOL)
    Oh--go do another!! Gives ya an excuse to skip the cooking and treat each other to an adventure! (and don't forget the camera! LOL)

    1. Yep,'s a mighty fun experience doing the whole review thing. Gives us a legitimate excuse 2 go out for eats...yea!
      Just another bright idea brought 2 you by the Weddington
      Always something 2 do for sure 2 keep in touch...
      until next time.

      Peace!....with 2 fingers;)